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Entourage Good-Mail move to Proper Folder?

Greetings… I am new user. Have not yet purchased. If I can remove a couple of problems I should be good to go for a purchase.

I manage my small business retail store email (10 separate POP accounts & folders) plus two personal POP accounts… all within Entourage 2004, latest version. I have successfully setup Entourage RULES that move incoming emails to their correct individual folders.

SpamSieve scripts have been installed successfully and the intial round of emails have been pouring into “Junk E-mail” folder for training. I have not had difficulty learning how to designate Train Good and Train Spam.

The GOOD mail now dumps all GOOD into Inbox. But I am now manually needing to click & drag my very large clumps of email into their correct individual account folders.

I have spent a couple hours reading through your forum postings and FAQs to determine a method to move emails OUT of Inbox and into their correct folder in that list of 12.

Be damned if I can move much beyond “3.3.5 Two SpamSieve Rules”

I did note some complex SCRIPTS – one of which describes “Entourage - Redirect Good Mail” – Man, Scripts is something I’ve never done even though I’m fairly adept with 12 years of Mac Experience. Makes me nervous with all the very important emails related to ecommerce and business that pours into my Entourage.

Of course there’s a qualifer in the script description that says “This script is not necessary with Entourage 2004, where you can do it by adding a rule that redirects messages that don’t have the Junk category.”

How do I redirect my good email OUT of the IN BOX and into the correct folder of the 12 total?

Mike in San Francisco

Just to be clear: if SpamSieve puts a message into the Junk Email folder, you don’t need to (and shouldn’t) train it with that message. It already knows it’s spam.

In order for your other rules to continue sorting the messages, you need to setup the SpamSieve rules as described in section 3.3.5. Just put those two rules at the top of the list, and don’t forget to uncheck “Do not apply other rules…” There’s no need to edit any scripts.

What will happen is that the “SpamSieve - Move If Spam” rule will mark the spam messages with category Junk. The “SpamSieve - Move Messages” rule will move the marked messages to the Junk E-mail folder. And then your other rules will process the remaining (good) messages.

Rule 3.3.5 is working perfectly!
Thank you Michael… I had unchecked all my Rules after enabling the 3.3.5 Two-Rule procedure. – I have now re-checked my regular rules. Shazam! All worked perfect to move emails into their correct folder. Too too easy!

I did grab one of your SCRIPTS “delete spam Server”
Now from within the contents of the Junk Email Folder I had initially been executing the “Train Spam” command because it was producing the “delete from server” icon – I see now (I believe this is correct) that all I need do (within the Junk Email Folder) is to go to the Script Pull-down and select Delete Server script(?) – I’ve just done that and it puts the ‘delete server’ marker on the messages. Perfect. I hope.

This is especially helpful as there are three other computers within my business. I am usually the portal – the first person to review emails. This helps keeps the junk out of the other computers.
Before discovering SpamSieve, I was needing to sit in front of my Dell Computer and use MailWasher as a junk mail tool.

Is there anyway that SpamSieve can generate a “bounce” back to the Junk-Sender? MailWasher had that feature. Not sure with the huge volume of junk, if a non-delivered “bounce” has any affect on the spammers(?)

I’ll now order a $30 license… Will one license allow me to use SpamSieve on my Powerbook? The primary will be on my G5 Quad.

Mike in SF

Actually, the default is for SpamSieve to automatically mark all of the incoming spam messages to be removed from the server at the next connection. Is that not working for you?

There’s no such option in SpamSieve because bouncing back to the sender doesn’t work. In most cases, there’s no way to get the bounce message back to the machine that sent it. And if you could, it would prove to the spammer that you did receive the spam.


Not marked for delete

FYI: When I first started using SpamSieve – during my beginning / learning – I downloaded and installed the script >> Entourage - Remove Spam From Server.

For the incoming email for the 12 accounts, everything is filtered correctly thanks to your instruction on previous message…
Now 99.9% of new Junk/Spam goes into the “Junk E-mail” in Entourage… But these incoming new spams are NOT marked to delete from server. Thus I select them all and command the script “Remove Spam From Server” – now the icon changes to note that they will be Delete from server" (on the next connect).

If I manually mark (as spam) an incoming email that has landed in one of the 12 accounts, it will then move to the “Junk e-mail” folder AND this will be marked for “delete”


Sorry, I misspoke. The default is for SpamSieve not to remove incoming spam messages from the server. However, you can change that by choosing SpamSieve - Change Settings.