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entourage import broken in 1.2?

When in try and import an entourage mailbox by drag and drop it fails both dragging into the EF window and the drop pad. I can only get it to work by dragging from entourage to the desk top and then to EF.

Any insights?

Also, my expectation in dragging a mailbox into EF is that there would be a folder with the contents of the mailbox, which could be other nested mailboxes. However, what I see is a single mbox file with the name of the folder and the contents are in that file. In other words, I really would like to see a file structure that matched my mail program file structure. Comments?


Due to the way Entourage works, importing by direct drag-and-drop to EagleFiler will only work for small mailboxes. Thus, I recommend dragging first to the Finder and then to EagleFiler.

When you drag a mailbox out of Entourage, it only exports that mailbox; it does not include the nested mailboxes. So it’s not possible for EagleFiler to do what you expect here.

EagleFiler stores messages in mbox files, since mbox is a standard format that other programs can read and because it’s very efficient compared to storing messages as individual files in a folder.

As of EagleFiler 1.4, you can import from Entourage simply by pressing the capture key, and this works for large mailboxes.