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Entourage "Junk" & "Not Junk" buttons


I searched but couldn’t find an answer to this.

Is there a way to utilize Entourage 2004’s Junk and Not Junk buttons to replicate SpamSieve’s Train Spam and Train Good functions?

I’ve just installed the trial version of SS on my wife’s Mac - she’s not particularly computer-literate, and will never remember to use the hotkey or menu commands correctly, but she’s used to hitting those Entourage buttons!

At present, the buttons (even with Entourage’s spam filter switched off) move the selected message to the correct folder, but presumably don’t actually process them with SS.

Maybe it can be achieved by using the Rules and Scripts? If so, I’d be grateful if someone can give me a run-through.

Many thanks,

There is no way to make Entourage’s Junk buttons invoke SpamSieve. You need to use the SpamSieve training scripts, either in the menu bar, the contextual menu, or via the keyboard. Or you could use a third-party utility such as DragThing to create buttons for them.

Thanks Michael.

I was hoping that I could make a rule something along the lines of “If an item is in the Junk folder, then run the SS Train Spam script”.

Would that not work?

To invoke the rule you would need to go to the menu, so I don’t see how that would be an improvement.

I see, I was hoping the rules thing was automated (sorry, I’m new to this Mac stuff).

I’ll try a different approach - do you know if there’s a way of reordering the right-click menu, so that the “Train Spam” & “Train Good” commands appear at the top of the list?

That way I might be able to persuade SWMBO to persevere with a 2-click method…

Entourage automatically applies the rules when the messages are downloaded from the server, which is too early for what you’re trying to do.

No, I don’t think that’s possible.