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Entourage, Leopard...not quite there yet!

tried and purchased SpamSieve to use with Entourage 2004 and Leopard 10.5.1.
SpamSieve is catching most of the spam and I’m training it on the messages it either misses as spam or marks as possible spam.
However I have a couple of questions/issues.
First, when I use the script ‘Train Spam’ the message is marked as spam but not moved. When I run the ‘move if spam’ script (by selecting it from the applescript menu), nothing happens, so in the end I have to delete the messages from my INBOX manually. I have put a sound after the two Entourage rules and it looks as if only the first is enacted when I run the script manually.
My second question is that the second rule moves the spam to the junk email folder on my computer but I’d rather it just stayed on the IMAP server, is there any way to do this?
Thanks for your help

This is the expected behavior for IMAP/Exchange/Hotmail messages, due to limitations of Entourage.

You shouldn’t need to use the “Move If Spam” script directly. If you want to manually apply SpamSieve to some messages, you should use the rules.

Please tell me more specifically what you did and what you’re trying to accomplish. Running a script does not apply any rules, so the sound you’re hearing is probably from SpamSieve.

Yes, just select the folder that you want in your SpamSieve - Move Messages rule.

Looks good
thanks once again for your help. This looks fine. I know that much of this is to do with Entourage rather than SpamSieve, so thanks all the more I guess.