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Entourage other rules don't work

Hi Michael

I am trying out spamsieve and find it works extremely well when i follow your instructions in setting up a RULE an check “DO NOT APPLY OTHER RULES TO MESSAGES THAT MEET THESE CRITERIA”.
however, when i try to apply any of my old existing rules (mostly moving emails from different accounts to different folders) spamsieve stops working.

What should i do?


I don’t understand what this means. When you say “apply any of my old existing rules,” are you referring to (a) Entourage automatically applying these rules to incoming messages, (b) manually applying the rules using Message > Apply Rule > All Rules, or © manually applying the rules individually using Message > Apply Rule > {rule name}?

Which rule(s) have you set up for SpamSieve? Are the other rules above or below the SpamSieve one(s)? Specifically, how is your rules setup different from when SpamSieve was working?

Which version of Entourage are you using?


I am using entourage 2004 (11.2.3)

in my spamsieve rule (as per spamsieve instructions), I checked off the box that says “DO NOT APPLY OTHER RULES TO MESSAGES THAT MEET THESE CRITERIA”
When i do this, spamsieve works fantastic, but all my other rules are being ignored. I understand this…

When i unclick “DO NOT APPLY OTHER RULES TO MESSAGES THAT MEET THESE CRITERIA” all my other rules (pre-existing rules, mostly moving emails to different folders) works great, but spamsieve doesn’t catch hardly anything.

My rules have always been set up to work automatically. i have never go to MESSAGE> APPLY RULE etc.

SPAMSIEVE is at the top of my rules list. it only has one rule:

Unchecking that doesn’t affect which messages SpamSieve catches. It simply means that after SpamSieve has moved spam messages to the Junk E-mail folder, your other rules move them out into different folders. That’s why if you’re using SpamSieve with additional rules you need two SpamSieve rules.


Thank you. so far this seems to be working well. was this in the help file that came with spamsieve? I certainly looked and didn’t find this info.

So far So good

Thank you again


Yes. The online manual and the PDF manual and Apple Help that come with SpamSieve all have the same content.

Wow, this is amazing.
I have had an issue where the hotmail account was basically ignored by SpamSieve.
But after reading these posts, I went into rules, CHECKED the “DO NOT APPLY OTHER RULES TO MESSAGES THAT MEET THESE CRITERIA”, closed and re-opened Entourage, sent myself a junk message from the .mac account, AND -
SpamSieve at long last is working with the hotmail.com account like it does with the .Mac one.
Michael, you may remember our emails about this one.
If anyone else has this issue, now we have a “fix”.

Well, to be clear, now SS does select the Junk messages within the Hotmail.com inbox, but of course, does not move them, as the second rule does not run.
Wish I could have both…

That doesn’t sound right. With Hotmail you should have two rules like these. The first one must have “Do not apply” unchecked, and the second won’t let you uncheck it. Make sure you create these rules in the Hotmail tab of the Rules window.