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Entourage Problems with instructions....

I am using Entourage 2008 (Office for Mac 2008). When following the instructions for setting up Entourage 2008 I get to step 3:

“Switch to SpamSieve by clicking on its icon in the Dock. Choose Install Entourage Scripts from the SpamSieve menu. After you quit and re-launch Entourage, you should see four SpamSieve items in Entourage’s Scripts menu:”

But do not see this item in the drop down menu.

I do not see the specified script in the Microsoft users folder either.

Any suggestions?


That’s strange. If the “Install Entourage Scripts” command didn’t report an error, I would expect the scripts to be installed. Do you see any error messages in the All Messages section of the Console application? Do you have more than one copy of Microsoft Office installed? If all else fails, you can choose “Show Other Scripts” from the SpamSieve menu, go up a level, and manually move the scripts in the “Entourage Script Menu Items” folder.

Ooops - My mistake…
Turns out I have not had enough caffeine this AM…

And there is a difference between “dock” and “menu bar”

Was reading the instructions and looking at the picture below step 3. Just a little bit confusing for us caffeine deprived Mac users.

Thanks. I look forward to putting SpamSieve through it’s paces.


Through the paces…
And performed like a thoroughbred!!!

A+ application…I had a ton of SPAM in my inbox…set the rules - trained it for good and “evil”…then turned it loose on my almost 5000 emails in my inbox…End result: A CLEAN inbox.

BRAVO! Well worth the price paid!