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Entourage Recent address list

I am trying out Spam Sieve the last 2 days with entourage on Max OS X 10.4, and like it a lot. It blocks junk mail fine, but-- it adds many of the addresses to the “recently sent-to addresses” pop up list in Entourage. That list is available when you want to send an email. It can contain addresses that are not in the address book as weel as those in the address book. This afternon I spent 3 hours and manually removed all the addresses that were not of interest that had come in over the last 2 days. I now have 8 or 10 more, that came in with junk email that was classified correctly as junk by Span Sieve. I did not open any of them let alone reply to them. It classified one message as junk, uncertain, and I trained it to be junk without opening the message. That address went into the “recently sent to” list. I looked at the list and the foreign ones correspond to the junk mail.
Many of the addresses are offensive as well and I really would like to not have them cluttering up the list.

Any suggestion on how to keep addresses off that recently sent to list? Previously the list only had addresses I actually used to address outgoing email, not any just received.
Thank you.


I don’t use Entourage, and haven’t heard of this problem before, so I’m not familiar with that list. I do see it when I create a new message, but could you tell me where you can edit it in Entourage? I’d be interested to know; I don’t see it in the Address Book.

SpamSieve certainly doesn’t tell Entourage to add addresses to this list. If Entourage is automatically creating the list based on all the messages that aren’t junk, then it might help to set the uncertainty threshold in SpamSieve’s Notification preferences to the lowest possible score, 74. This would reduce the number of uncertain messages. Or, you could create an additional rule that adds the Junk category to any message with category Uncertain Junk.

Entourage list again
Hello Michael,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I was initially wrong–Entourage creates the recent address list both from the Inbox and from outgoing messages. Because Spam Sieve moves mail out of the Inbox, the brief stay in the Inbox creates the additions to the recently used list.

My “good” list is fairly small so I didn’t notice before. I also had a list of rules that delete obvious spam/junk with words like drug names. These do not go into the Inbox first, so they don’t go onto the list.

I just checked this out by sending myself an email from a Hotmail account that is not in my address book. Spam Sieve ID’d it as junk and that address went onto the list.
I also demonstrated this with recently received deleted items by moving the Spam Sieve rule lower on my list.

Entourage also states that mail that it own Junk protection finds as junk does not go onto the list. To use Spam Sieve, however, the Entourage Junk protection is turned off. It was not very good, but I guess the combination of it with my many delete rules kept most addresses off the list.

To remove addresses individually from the recently used address list [from Entourage help]

“Remove an entry from the recently used address list

  1. Click Mail button, and then click New button.
  2. In the To box, type the first few letters of the address, and then click the address you want to delete on the pop-up menu.
  3. Hold down CONTROL, click the address, and then click Add to Address Book on the contextual menu.
  4. In the contact window that appears, click Delete button [trashcan icon]”

This works, but one at a time.

It is not clear where the recent address list lives. I searched all the Entourage items – it may be a Mailing List, as that shows recent updating (within the last hour), although I do not use classic Entourage mailing lists.

Thank you again. I do like this software.


Perhaps if you set up a second SpamSieve rule that moves or deletes the spam messages, this would have the same effect as the rules that you mention above. There’s nothing special about SpamSieve rules, after all.

Wow, that’s confusing–to remove it you add it to the address book?

I guess another solution would be to turn off recent addresses in Entourage’s preferences. Your address book contacts would still show up for auto-completion.

entourage list again yet
Yes it is confusing to add then delete – but that’s Office for the Mac. It does work to do it.

Can I change the spam sieve rule to delete immediately rather than select and move from inbox? If so I think that would do it.
Thanks again.

Entourage list again yet
Also turning off the recent list in preferences is probably OK for me as most can be put into the address book. Your other suggstion would remove them but I think still leave the addresses in recent. It is great that you have this to work in so many different email programs.

I will likely install this on the other 7 Macs that I have at my office. Is a separate license used for each one?

Thanks again.


Yes, if you setup the two SpamSieve rules, you can change the second one to delete the message instead of move it.

You need a license for each Mac that you install it on. If you purchase the licenses in bulk, you’ll receive a single serial number that’s good for multiple Macs, so you don’t have to keep track of which one goes with which.

Does your entourage automatically adds incoming email addresses to Address book? if yes, how do you turn it off because that is one way for spamsieve not to work effectively ( it checks junk against address book, if its there, then its not tagged as junk)

As far as I know, Entourage would only do that if you had created a rule using the “Add sender to address book” action.