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Entourage spam filtering suddenly stopped working

Hi there,

I’ve been a happy SpamSieve user for many months now - it’s great! But today, when I booted up Entourage, all of my emails came through without being filtered by SpamSieve. Nothing had changed - no updates to SpamSieve (I’m on 2.4.4, fully registered), or Entourage (I’m using 11.2.5) - just all of a sudden, no spam is being caught. Did something change? Has anyone else had this problem?

I have the two Entourage rules set up as described in the manual. Any ideas? Sorry this is a bit vague, but as I say, nothing has changed, so I’m not sure where to start!


K - just reinstalled the SpamSieve Entourage AppleScripts, and it seems to be working okay again now :slight_smile:


Mac 10.4.7
Entourage 11.2.5
Having the same problem but can not rectiy.
Any advice.

Richard, have you changed your Entourage configuration at all–edited the rules or mailing list manager? Please see this page for some steps that you can try to track down the problem.