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Entourage v11.3.3 & lost address book

I am running SpamSieve v2.5 with Entourage V11.3.3. After I shut down and restart I find that I my aEntourage ddress book is gone. I looked on Mactopia and found a thread describing a similar problem.

I looks like there could be a problem with the “Synchronize contacts with
Address Book and .Mac is checked” instructions with SpamSieve. This is the posted answer, but it is not the solution:
“Do you have Sync Services selected? Depending on your settings if the Apple
Address Book is empty then Entourage would then sync with the AB deleting
all entries”.
I do not use the .Mac mail (Apple Address Book) . If this is indeed true, Then am I losing my Entourage Address book every time I start up? Does anybody know how I might recover my address book? This is getting really serious. Any and all help would be very much appreciated
Thank you
Clay Taft

The real question is whether you use the OS X address book (which is also used by the Address Book application, iCal, iChat, etc). Whether you subscribe to .Mac or use Apple Mail makes no difference.

Please see this article, which explains more about how Entourage works with Sync Services. If you never use the OS X Address Book directly, then you probably want to use “Replace Sync Services items with Entourage items.” Then the OS X address book will be replaced with the Entourage one rather than vice-versa. Most people will probably want to use “Merge Entourage items with Sync Services items,” though. I don’t think Entourage would delete its own address book unless you had selected “Replace Entourage items with Sync Services items” and the OS X address book was empty.