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Entourage X - all spam auto-deletes; how to stop?

I am testing SpamSieve 2.6.5 with MS Entourage X on Mac OS X 10.4.10, with a POP3 mail account. I Installed SpamSieve a few days ago, and it was working fine.

Beginning yesterday, though, it began deleting all messages that it deemed spam (and probably the “maybe spam” messages as well - no way to tell, they’re gone). They are not in the “Junk E-mail” folder, nor in the “Deleted Items” folder. They just vanish. Manually moving an e-mail to the “Junk E-mail” folder works as expected, the e-mail remains there. The Entourage “Enable Junk Mail Filter” is turned off. All items in the “Mailing List Manager” are turned off. All “Rules” are turned off. All “Schedules” are turned off. I am now testing using just the SpamSieve AppleScripts from the AppleScripts menu. The same behavior occurs with both the “Train Spam” and “Move if Spam” AppleScripts.

A search of the FAQ and forum archive provided no leads. I completely uninstalled SpamSieve, and deleted all the files, and reinstalled, and the problem remains.

Any tips? BTW, I will be changing mail client soon, so this is not a critical issue.

SpamSieve does not delete any messages. It’s not even an option.

The SpamSieve rule that you create in Entourage will move the spams to the Junk E-mail folder, or whichever other folder you choose. The messages would only be deleted from that folder if you’d set Entourage to do so (via a schedule, rule, etc.).

Are you saying that using one of those scripts makes the selected messages disappear? Perhaps your Entourage database is damaged so that it lost track of where the messages are. You can rebuild it by holding down the Option key as you launch Entourage.

Well, it is now working OK today.

Let’s assume the simplest cause/solution: that “mark spam as read” was enabled (true), and that “View unread only” was activated (actual status when the problem occurred is unknown). This would cause the messages to “disappear”.

Even if “View unread only” was activated, I am still puzzled why the SpamSieve uninstall/delete prefs/reinstall exhibited the same problem, as I believe that the default upon installation is not to mark spam as “read”.

Oh well, for the moment, mark it up to user error; I will report back if I learn anything further.

Oh and Michael, thanks for the quick reply.

BTW [OT], will you be exhibiting at MacWorld SF in January?

Yes, that’s possible. I’d forgotten about that option in Entourage.

By default it does not mark the spams as read. Deleting the preferences file would restore this default.