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Erase junk messages — mailbox behaviours

SpamSieve is working very well for me apart from one small niggling glitch. The attached image sets the scene. The glitch is that a few spams remain in the Junk folder after the specified period — in the case ‘After one week’. Has anyone had the same experience? More importantly, did you fix it?


This is Mail’s built-in feature to erase old junk messages. It’s not controlled or modified by SpamSieve, so this may be something that Apple would need to address. Is it the same specific messages that don’t get deleted? Or are you saying that with each batch there are a different few that get stuck?

Thanks for your response. If it’s down to Apple, I don’t have a hope! Not sure what the answers are to your other questions but thanks anyway.

After one week doesn’t mean that it empties the Junk mailbox once a week. It means that any given message stays there for a week (or perhaps until one week after you received it—I’m not sure). So it is normal to always have some messages in Junk. The question is whether it is the same few messages that are always there. Maybe there is something odd about their dates, or maybe Mail’s database is damaged such that it isn’t tracking them properly. But if you delete those messages, do new ones get “stuck” a few days later?

Hi Michael

Thanks for the response. I understand about when Junk gets emptied and currently there are 2 messages dated 7 August. That makes them over a week old. There are 177 spams dated 9 August which should delete overnight tonight so I will see what happens. There is also 1 dated 8 August. Can’t immediately see date problems but as most of the spams get bounced around before they hit my mailbox, I guess it could be that.

I am going to monitor it over the next couple of weeks to see if there are any patterns. It could be a damaged database. I have deleted ones that have been over a week old before but that was before I realise something was up.