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Error converting multiple Stuffit archives

I’m trying out DropDMG to see if it can handle converting my large collection of .sit archives to either images or .zip files. It works fine one at a time, but trying to convert several at once results in errors.

I have Stuffit Expander 11.0 and DropDMG 2.7.8, running on OX 10.4.7 on a 1 GHz G4 PowerBook. DropDMG is configured to generate .zip files. Dropping a single .sit file works fine – expanded with Stuffit Expander, and then generates a .zip file. Great.

When I drop multiple .sit files on DropDMG, I get errors. “Disk Image Error: Path ‘/Archive/Programming/DropDMGTemp/programs’ doesn’t exist.” and “Disk Image Error: ditto: /Archive/Programming/DropDMGTemp/RandomPerlScripts/./stockticker.plx: No such file or directory
ditto: /Archive/Programming/DropDMGTemp/RandomPerlScripts/.: No such file or directory”. DropDMG then hangs with a small window with “Unstuffing” and a running progress meter.

I hope you can help me out. DropDMG looks like a great piece of software.

Converting multiple StuffIt archives at once used to work, but it looks like it doesn’t work with the current versions of the OS and Expander. I will make this more robust in the next version of DropDMG. (Please send me your address so that I can send you a test version of DropDMG to try.) In the meantime, you have two options:

  • Install StuffIt Deluxe.
  • Enter
defaults write com.c-command.DropDMG MaxSimultaneousOperations 1

into Terminal so that DropDMG will only try to run one conversion at a time.

I’ve fixed this in DropDMG 2.7.9 so that converting multiple archives simultaneously should now work properly.