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Error creating disk image: file exists

Hi I buy the application but it fails to create a DMG !

Errore hdiutil: create failed - File exists

The error occurred while executing “/Applications/DropDMG.app/Contents/Frameworks/MJTFoundation.framework/Versions/A/auth-tool /usr/bin/hdiutil create -fs HFS+J -volname Photomatix.Pro.v6.2.1 -srcfolder /Users/faustoaccordi2/Desktop/Photomatix.Pro.v6.2.1 -format UDRW -layout SPUD /Users/faustoaccordi2/Desktop/Photomatix.Pro.v6.2.1_temp.dmg -puppetstrings”.

On my desktop there is only the folder I wanted to put in the disk image

It is strange that macOS would report that error if the file does not exist. Which version of macOS are you using? Does it work with a different source folder or destination folder, or do they all fail like this?

The problem occurs only with that folder I tried with other directories and everything is OK

That is good. There may be file permissions problem with the original folder. Sometimes it helps to Duplicate the folder and then create a .dmg of the copy.

Ok Michael, by by and thanks for your useful program

Fausto Accordi