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error descriptor out of range


When importing old emails from mail - so old that they were imported into entourage from outlook at least 5 years ago - I get an error message of a descriptor out of range when it tries to import into library. This occurs on many messages. The messages look OK in mail - imported from entourage. After clearing these error messages the import completes. However the mail does not appear to be completely indexed. The mail is arranged into folders as in Mail but in each folder instead of an mbox file there is a folder named Messages and in that folder are numbered messages, no titles. They do not have the original dates are are listed as emlx files.

Any hints on how to correct this, either on reimport or by causing a reindexing of the files? Thanks and happy thanksgiving.


Please e-mail me EagleFiler’s log file:


It sounds like EagleFiler is importing folders of emlx files instead of mailboxes. This can happen if you ask it to import the Messages folder inside a mailbox instead of the actual mailbox. How are you importing the files? If you use the capture key from Mail or drag and drop the mailboxes from Mail, it should work properly.

next steps

Thanks. The issue reported above was on a powerbook running tiger and I decided on another experiment. I took the Mail files and brought them to the new machine and imported them into Mail - this is a MBP with Leopard. I think used F1 to do the import. There were no errors that showed up on this import. It seems, with a few spot checks that everything imported. However, I am again faced with files that are not mboxes without titles.

I have emailed you the EF log file. Thanks for your help.


Thanks. It appears that the mailboxes you imported into Mail are in a slightly different format than EagleFiler was expecting. I’ll e-mail you a new build that should address this.


New version did the trick. Everything imported and VERY fast.

Many thanks for outstanding service,