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Error FSPathMakeRef (-35)

I’m trying out DropDMG right now to see if it’ll help me get around my archiving situation - I need ‘single files’ with encryption that can go to my Linux box as backup, but which I can easily span to DVD for offsite storage (aka my parent’s place). Right now DropDMG seems the ticket, but I just wanted to clarify a few bits:

Sometimes when I try to create a DMG,I see this error:
Error FSPathMakeRef (-35)

It doesn’t seem to matter what config I’m using, or the size, and usually a retry works fine. Any ideas?

(MacMini Intel 10.4.8, dropDMG 2.7.9, files on LaCie Mini Firewire drive.)

I’ve seen this error before, and I think it’s due to an OS bug. Turning off auto-open and custom icons should work around the problem and make it work more consistently.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve give that a try for a few days and see how it goes.

Unchecking “Auto-Open…” works
I got this error too since some time. It seems to have come up with the update of the Operating System to 10.48. I unchecked the option in the preferences “Auto-open image windodw after mounting” and now it works.

Thanks Michael. I’m now looking forward for an updated version of DropDMG.

Thanks. Is there anything in particular that you’d like to see in the next version?

I’d like to see in a future version the following:

  1. The main window (with the log) should stay hidden when I drag a folder over the DropDMG application icon. Only the progress bar should show, indicating perhaps my chosen settings.

  2. The ability to drag multiple files over the application icon and have DropDMG make ONE single .dmg file. Currently I have to put the files into a folder beforehand to achieve this.

  3. Have DropDMG quit when finished with the stuffing.

Thank you,


Thanks. This is on the to-do list.

Have you tried the Quit When Done option in the DropDMG menu?

Ahh. Thanks for pointing this out. I would have expected this in the preferences or the configuration settings.

At present, the stuff in the Preferences window all changes with the configuration, so I put the application-wide settings in the Application menu. I realize this is a bit confusing and plan to address it in a future release.

DropDMG 2.8 includes some changes to work around this.