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error: IOError: error 2 (No such file or directory)

Hi All,

Hoping you can assist me. With my eaglefiler library now pushing 13G, I decided to move the library to my drop box folder. After the sync had completed with DropBox, I opened up my EF library from the new location in my dropbox folder. The library seemed to open fine, I could see all my archived email, no issue there. However when I selected an email, the content of the email failed to display, imstead an error message stating the following.

The body of this message could not be displayed because of an error: IOError: error 2 (No such file or directory) for file: /Users/dwall/Dropbox/Files/20100622 sent.mbox

I am running version 1.5.10 of eaglefiler on OSX 10.8.2 and have 100,237 records in my library. I only user EF for my archived email from MS Outlook for Mac 14.2.5

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


If you do a Verify, does it say that you have missing files? It looks like the “20100622 sent.mbox” file was either deleted, renamed, or moved relative to the .eflibrary file so that EagleFiler can no longer find it.

I highlighted all records an clicked on verified. The results came back as follows:

Files verified: 30
Failures: 29

As mentioned before, I moved the .eflibrary to my dropbox folder. Then when I go to open a EL and point it to the library to open, I point it to .eflibrary on my dropbox folder.

The entire library folder needs to be kept together. You can’t just move the .eflibrary file.

Ok, thanks. So what is your reccomendation to fix.

Move the .eflibrary file back to its original location. Then move the entire EagleFiler library folder into your Dropbox folder.