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Error message "EagleFiler: -1708 EPSON ET-3750 Series got an error: Can't continue «event WashImpr»”

OS 11.5.2 mac mini (M1 Apple Silicon)
I have an odd issue that I likely have compounded by my efforts to resolve it.
The error message "EagleFiler: -1708 EPSON ET-3750 Series got an error: Can’t continue «event WashImpr»” appears as a pop-up about once a minute. I love Spam-Sieve (with MailMate), I got EagleFiler some time ago but I’ve never figured out how to use it (or why.) I think these error messages started after I updated EPSON printer software. To stop them I deleted EagleFiler and the PDF preference (?) file. That did not work, I deleted every file with “EagleFiler” or “Epson” in the name - no luck. I think I should re-instal EagleFiler and somehow fix this.

Also, sometimes an “ERROR -1712” pop-up appears. And I can’t use my scanner You do not have permission to open the application “EPSON ES0154.app”., although I did print a test page after reinstalling the printer

I don’t think reinstalling EagleFiler will fix this. It seems like some other app (your Epson scanner software?) is running an AppleScript that talks to EagleFiler and getting an error. So you may want to remove that, or at least check its preferences.