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Error Message

How worried should I be about this error message?

AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘recordForID’

(I messed up my library by moving files around, and so I created a new library and re-imported all the old files. Everything seems to be working, except for this message.)

It’s probably not a big deal. Please send me the error information from Console so that I can see what’s causing this.

Thanks for sending the log. It looks like this error could only happen if something went wrong when EagleFiler was in the process of opening the library. I also see a lot of file permissions errors. I suggest that you check/fix the ownership and permissions of everything in your library folder. (Sorry, I’m not sure of the best GUI tool to do this; I use chmod and chown.) Then relaunch EagleFiler and see whether you still get errors when opening the library.

If Disk Utility isn’t enough, maybe DiskWarrior? I’ll try that.

I don’t think either of those apps fixes problems with permissions of document folders/files.