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Error message

Yesterday I transferred everything from my old Mac Powerbook running Tiger to a MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard. SpamSieve prompts me to download and install v 2.8.1 but when I agree it gives me this cryptic and unhelpful error message: NSURLErrorDomain error -3001 before crashing.

My Mac required me to use a new username when I migrated from the Powerbook, if that is at all relevant.


I think there’s a problem with the Internet Config database on your Mac. Please download SpamSieve directly and follow the updating instructions in the Read Me file. SpamSieve 2.8.1 knows how to work around the Internet Config issue, so this shouldn’t be a problem with future updates.

Thank you for the prompt reply. In fact I sorted it by logging in as the administrator and then downloading SpamSieve. It is now working OK under the new user name that Apple made me set up to work with all my old migrated files.
Perhaps it would be more helpful if an error message popped up that said “You need to log in as as the computer’s owner to perform this update” rather than the geeky gobbledegook.

In general, I think logging in as an administrator would not solve the problem. You got lucky. The proper fix is already in 2.8.1.