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Error opening EF

Hi everybody,

I have set up an EF library with a few hundred entries. So far, so good. Closed it, then copied a handful of *.pdf into a newly created directory. When I reopen the library there is an error:

Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-08 um 22.51.02.png

Console entry:

08.09.14 22:33:39,524 EagleFiler[30932] appcontroller.pyc:406 Error opening library: <NSError Domain=com.c-command.EagleFiler Code=0 UserInfo={
NSLocalizedDescription = “TypeError: string indices must be integers”;

The .eflibrary is named <<Tommy EF Documents 2>>

Could anybody give me some advice on that, please?

Thank you,

Thanks for the report. I’ve not seen that error before. Was that the only error logged to Console?

Probably the easiest way to recover is to rebuild your library.

Also, if you could e-mail me a ZIP archive of your old .eflibrary file, that would be helpful in investigating the source of this error so that I can try to prevent it from happening again.

Mail is on its way…

Thanks. It looks like a non-crucial file was damaged, but for some reason the OS didn’t complain when reading it. If you just open the package and delete the .eflibrary/State.plist file, I think the library will open.

works like a charm…

Thank you, Michael