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Error when verifying record - should I be concerned?

I was trying the Record > Verify menu on a record that had been imported and then converted to be editable.

I got the error message shown in the first screenshot:


The error message detail is shown in the 2nd screenshot:


Just spot-checking, I don’t see this error occurring with other records. Is this any matter of concern, or should I just not worry about it?



If the Verify fails, that means that the contents of the file no longer match what they were when you lasted edited it in EagleFiler. If you edited the file outside of EagleFiler, this is probably normal, and you can use Update Checksum to tell EagleFiler that the file is OK. If you did not edit the file outside EagleFiler, chances are that it was damaged due to a disk error. You should then check its contents yourself and either restore it from a backup or use Update Checksum if the content seems to be in acceptable condition.