errSecInternalComponent error when signing

When building the installer I get an error: errSecInternalComponent.

I used this same machine and setup to build successfully 2 weeks ago. Meanwhile my Apple ID subscription ended. I renewed it on the Apple dev website. I see that in Keychain my Dev ID installer certificate is not expired, as well as there being a private key.

In the application that I built the app (Livecode) when I try to sign the application there is a .dylib file error there. So I tried to re-create a DMG of an earlier version of the app that had been created successfully, I now get this errSecInternalComponent in DropDMG.

If signing doesn’t work with Livecode, either, it sounds like something is wrong with your certificates or perhaps your developer account. What error does Livecode give you?

Is there more information about the error in the Details section of the DropDMG window?

The problem was solved:
1 Updated the OS from Mojave to Monterey – now able to sign the application, but not notarize it. I still don’t know what caused the error, it could have been the certificates being in the wrong place, something that Monterey overcame.
2. Notarizing fixed by moving from the altool (now deprecated by Apple) to the Notarytool method.

Creating the DMG in DropDMG seems to have been solved by the update away from Mojave.

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