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Eudora Issues

Spamseive seems to be merrily filtering out my spam but I have some issue with a “Couldn’t Find That Application” interrupt occurring. I think it is looking for the Eudora Helper script. I recently migrated my system to a new hard drive and I believe that the issue stems from that source. Occasionally I also get very obvious spam messages getting through even though the app seems to be handling much subtler stuff. I suspect that I have screwed the confiiguration up somehow but don’t seem to be able to figure out how to put it back together again.

Eudora 6.2.4 on OS X 10.3.9
Spamseive 2.6

Error Message:

Couldn’t Start That Application.

-1407, {15:1139}

Yes, that error can arise if it can’t find the Helper. If you’re using Eudora 6, you should uninstall the Eudora 5 stuff and install the Eudora 6 plug-in. The Helper used an unreliable scripting interface that meant that sometimes Eudora didn’t ask SpamSieve to filter all the message; the plug-in should be much more reliable.


Didn’t work, I’m afraid. However I have found some other bread crumbs…

From the Eudora SpamSeive documentation:

Choose Preferences… from the Eudora menu, scroll down to the Junk Extras >settings panel (which is at the very bottom), and check Always enable Junk/Not >Junk menu items.

I don’t have a “Eudora” menu in my Eudora Preferences. In my preferences list I do not have a “Junk Extras” setting. I do however, have at least three copies of other preferences (Boring Headers, etc…) listed. This could be contributing to the problem, no?

What didn’t work? If you run the uninstall program, Eudora should stop saying “Couldn’t Start That Application.”

It’s saying that the Preferences command is in the Eudora menu, not the reverse.

Did you enable the Esoteric Settings in Step 2?

I doubt it.