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Eudora puts all messages in Junk Folder

I am running into a problem with SpamSieve 2.6.6 on a G4 tower running Mac OS 10.4.11 and Eudora 6.2.4.

All of the email gets put in the junk folder regardless of whether it is spam or not. Training SpamSieve does not help at all.

I reinstalled SpamSieve, reset the corpus, killed preferences, reinstalled Eudora, restarted in various combinations. Nothing worked.

I have installed this on many computers with no ill effects, so I am familiar with the process. However, for this situation I will be clear about what I did: I ran the software, serialize it, installed the plug-in, made sure the Eudora junk plug-ins were disabled, enabled the “Hold Junk in Junk Mailbox,” and enabled the junk/not junk in Junk Mail Extras.

Still all mail goes to the Junk Folder.


Does SpamSieve’s log say that it’s predicting all the messages to be spam? (If so, it’s a problem with SpamSieve or its training; if not, it’s a problem in Eudora.)

Do you have Eudora’s Junk Threshold set to 50? (If not, it may put messages in the Junk mailbox even though SpamSieve didn’t think they were spam.)

All my messages are going into Junk as well
Using the same computeer, OS, and software as adamwunn.

SpamSieve’s log is NOT saying that it’s predicting all the messages to be spam. Some are predicted good.

Junk Threshhold is definitely set to 50.

All incoming mail goes direct to the SPAM folder. This is not good. Help!

Console log full of errors
Well, now I see one message that didn’t go to junk but stayed in the Inbox. Most don’t, though.

Also, when I checked SpamSieve’s log, a Console Log also opens, and it is full of dozens of messages just like this one:

2008-04-08 12:11:18.130 SyndicationAgent[359] WARNING: BestCalendarDateFromString - can’t interpret: ‘Tue 08 Apr 2008 11:10:34 -800’

Do you mean the “Junk” mailbox? If you choose “About Message Plug-Ins” from the Eudora menu, which spam/junk items do you see?

Mail goes to Junk, not Spam mailbox
Yeah, I meant the Junk mailbox.

When I look at About Message Plugins, I don’t see anything with the words Spam of Junk except the SpamSieve plugin.

If the only errors are from SyndicationAgent, they’re probably not directly related to Eudora.

If SpamSieve says that the messages are good, the threshold is set to 50, and you have no other junk plug-ins installed, the only other explanation I can think of is that you’ve created a filter (in Eudora’s Filters window) that is moving the messages.

I know for sure no rules are specified

The junk threshold is set at 50 and the logs do not show any predictive behavior from SpamSieve. This only started recently (the same time we upgraded to 10.4.11 from 10.4.8 and to SpamSieve version 2.6.6 from 2.6.1).

There are no rules moving mail to the Junk folder.

I plan to try going back to an earlier version of SpamSieve on that machine. I have many older copies. I will try 2.6.4 first and then 2.6.2. I won’t be able to do this until Monday, but I will report back.

Then this is a different problem from what Jim Carr is seeing. Is your mail account POP or IMAP? Which spam/junk plug-ins do you see in Eudora’s “About Message Plug-Ins” window? You may need to reinstall SpamSieve’s plug-in.

I don’t see any reason to do that. There are no known problems between SpamSieve 2.6.6 and Eudora, and in fact SpamSieve’s Eudora plug-in has not changed in quite a while (since Eudora hasn’t either).

SpamSieve 1.0.5 is listed under the “About Plug-Ins”.

Also more information on the console log. I was wrong, there were entries from SpamSieve.

Here is what I see in the log: addresses will be predicted good, then predicted bad, then trained good and then predicted good but it doesn’t matter because everything goes into the junk folder.

That makes sense.

Are you referring to entries in “console.log” or in “SpamSieve Log.log” (or both)?

It doesn’t make sense to me. You’re seeing multiple “Predicted” entries for the same messages? Could you send me the log?

Yes I can send you a log. I have to get it from my customer later today. I should have been more clear. I am not seeing multiple predicted entries for the same message, but the status of an email address changes as emails come in. An address predicted good with a message this week could be predicted bad with a different message next week. I was talking about SpamSieve Log.log.

That’s strange. Under normal situations, a message that’s predicted good will be auto-trained as good, and then subsequent messages from that address will always be predicted good due to the whitelist. (The exceptions, of course, are if you’ve disabled auto-training, disabled the whitelist, or trained a message from that address as spam.)

And are you saying that the messages SpamSieve predicts as good are going into the Junk folder?

No other junk plug-ins besides SpamSieve? What do you see in the Filters window?

I agree predicted good messages will then auto-train good in almost every case. That is why this is so maddening. Yes good messages go into the junk folder, in fact 99% of everything goes into the junk folder. No other junk plug-ins are installed. I check several times. Now they did have some filters set up, but they were really old and have been in their for years. Well before this problem starting happening a few weeks ago. However, I removed all of the filters to see if that makes any difference. More to follow. Also, I have the log and will be sending it to you.

Solved the Problem
I did not send the log because about an hour after my last post, we solved the problem. Even though the same list of filters have been on the machine for years and nothing had changed and none of the filters directing items to the junk mailbox were set to all messages, the behavior turned out to be Eudora’s filters, not SpamSieve. One of Michael’s comments sparked a thought that I might want to try removing all of the filters anyway and try again, so I removed the filters file from the Eudora Folder and restarted it and spam was sent to the Junk box and the good stuff stayed in the inbox. Must have been a corrupted filters file that went south on a recent occasion. Thank you for the help. I am so glad this is fixed.