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Evaluating EagleFiler 1.7.2 - questions


I’ve installed EagleFiler 1.72 under Sierra 10.12.1

My primary reason is to import all email from Apple Mail product. (I am a new user of Mail, having recently transferred all email from Eudora - using Eudora Mailbox Cleaner - so want a place to safely store/search historical email, which goes back many years)

Three Questions thus far:

  1. While importing email I note that Eaglefiler is making requests via the eftexttool to domains that are attachments of type .html or .php in very old email. I suppose it is trying to bring in the info from these. Is there any way to prevent this behavior within EagleFiler?

  2. The record viewer is sometimes showing up as a very small lower window. Attempting to resize it seems to only create a gray area. I have been able to close and reopen the lower window via the Show menu, which seems to clear the issue, but cannot resize larger without problems.
    Is there any way I can set the size of the lower window? I would prefer it to be about 1/3 of the screen and have the search results be 2/3 above.

  3. Double Clicking an email record brings it up in Mail - which i see noted in your manual. However, closing the email does not return me to Eaglefiler but rather leaves me in Mail? I would prefer to land back in the searched results.

Thanks very much

If you are importing from Apple Mail, eftexttool shouldn’t be used at all until after the import is complete. It may be used when indexing the content of certain attachments to the e-mails. I would not expect most attachments to reference anything that requires loading from the Web, but in any event you can disable it by clicking this link.

It should all work properly if you resize before creating multiple window tabs. For more information, please see this page.

I’m afraid that’s just how Mac apps work. Closing a window doesn’t switch you back to the previous app, although you can do so by pressing Command-Tab.

Thanks for your quick response. In spite of my noted problems, I am enjoying using your product.

  1. What is the impact of disabling eftexttool or defaulting it to offline? I want to be sure I understand what it is doing. How can it be turned back on if necessary?

  2. The gray space and inability to resize the bottom window is occuring WITHOUT extra tabs but in the main window. What I want to accomplish is to resize the lower window when i have a longer record to view and then drag it back to a smaller size after finishing, and apparently cannot. All it does is create gray space above or below- which may be what you are referring to as a known issue - except for me it is occuring without tabs.
    When I do create new tabs, each of the dividers seems to be at a different height btw.

  3. Yes, I can certainly navigate back to Eaglefiler after viewing an email in Mail. I guess I expected to be viewing the record in some sort of inline viewer. Perhaps if I can get the record viewer resize in (2) working properly I can review most search results in that.

thanks again!

The impact is some Web page content (usually unimportant, e.g. ads) is loaded from a server. If you set it to offline, this content will not be included when indexing the files. So you would not be able to search in EagleFiler for words in that content. You can set it back to online by clicking this link.

Could you post (or e-mail me) a screenshot so that I can see what you’re referring to?

Yes, there should normally be no need to view using Mail unless you need to access the attachments.

Thanks for sending the screenshots. You seem to be running into the same tabbed windows issue that I’ve seen. Even though you only have one tab, the tab bar is open, and it’s what causes the problem. If you hide the tab bar and restart EagleFiler it should work.

This is fixed in EagleFiler 1.7.3.