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Exchange emails readded when deleted by iPhone/iPad or non original

Recently set up spamsieve and trained it well. I have Outlook for mail on all current OS for OSX, iOS and when deleting mail on the main OSX where Spamsieve is installed everything works perfectly. When I delete on another system ( doesn’t seem to matter which) the mail keeps reappearing no matter how many times it’s deleted. IE I delete on my iphone (after mail is processed by the inboxspamsieve folder) and it’s reappeared into my inbox. a few seconds later it’ll come back.

How do I stop this behaviour?

Just to clarify, are you saying that if you use the Outlook app on your iPhone to delete a message in the inbox, the messages come back to the inbox instead of going to the trash? Does this happen when Outlook on your Mac is not running?

Correct to both statements. The only successful deletion occurs on the mac that is running spamsieve. all other devices (MBP, iPhone and iPad) using both Apple Mail and Outlook fail to delete the messages.

I just did a further test. Deleted an old email from my iPhone (in outlook). Did not delete in my MBP not running spamsieve. Turned Outlook back on my main system and send a test message from another account to my main Exchange and let spamsieve receive and process the message with my main system running both Outlook and SpamSieve. ensured the email was received back into my inbox on all 3 devices. Quit Outlook on my spamsieve system and deleted on my MBP. email dissapeared as expected from both systems (iPhone and MBP). Started Outlook on my main system again and let it sync. email reappeared as unread on main system and then shortly after the other two.

Thanks for that information. Since the problem occurs when Outlook on the Mac is not running, I don’t think it could be related to anything SpamSieve is doing (since SpamSieve only works through Outlook). So this seems like an issue with the iOS client and/or the Exchange server.

I would agree with you except the only thing to change was adding SpamSieve and the effect was immediate. I did have SpamSieve scripts running I closed Outlook. I retested with no scripts running and I was back to working correctly. OSX 10.15.4 and Outlook 16.36 against an Exchange 2013 (build version unknown).

The SpamSieve script doesn’t know your account information or access the network. It can only affect your mail account by asking Outlook to do things, which it can’t do when Outlook isn’t running. So I don’t think it could be related the problem that you saw.

Agreed. Thanks for the continued follow up. I tested with no spamsieve Outlook rule and it’s working as expected. Not sure what I did wrong there but since it’s working I will leave it be. I put my response up so that any others can google it and maybe see and resolve.