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Excluding folders from records list?

Hi, Michael!

Maybe this is a stupid question but I’m actually starting to ask myself why folders are showing up in the records list at all. On the whole I find that bit counter-intuitive. Any chance for an option to alter that behaviour in a future version?



There are a variety of reasons. For example, having the folders in the list enables you to find them using the search feature, and lets you see what tags they have.

Is having the folders there causing problems for you?

That does make sense, indeed.

For me finding folders isn’t very important, though, and I’m not a heavy tag-user right now.

But that’s just me … :wink:

No, really, problems would be much too strong a word! Like I said, it was just a bit irritating—and I was curious about the reasons.

Still, if this behaviour could be made optional in some (more or less distant) future release, I’d appreciate it.
But if not, if it’s a principle design decision, there’s no need (for me) to make a big deal about it! :slight_smile:

With EagleFiler 1.4, you could create a smart folder that shows all the records except folders.