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Export vcards failed

I tried the method in the manual for exporting data from Address Book (select columns & cards, select all in the middle column, drag to desktop), but instead of the vcards.vcf file, I get “Agnes and 171 others”. Trying to import this gives me “0 Good addresses were imported.”

Doing the same thing with the control key held down gives me “0 Good addresses were imported.”

What am I doing wrong?

It is normal, with Mac OS X 10.4, for the .vcf file created from multiple cards to be called something like “Agnes and 171 others.vcf” instead of “vcards.vcf”. However, it should still import into SpamSieve when you choose File > Import Addresses. If this is not working for you, please send me the .vcf file via e-mail so that I can see why it isn’t working.

What is the Control key comment in reference to? I don’t think that would affect the Import Addresses command.

The vcf file that Address Book created for you is in an (arguably) invalid format. I will add a workaround to the next version of SpamSieve so that it is able to read the file anyway.

SpamSieve 2.6 should be able to read these files.