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Extending EagleFiler's Capabilities

EagleFiler’s file management is complemented by Bean’s file editing capabilities.

Bean is a free rich text editor that adds some word processing capabilities, like TextEdit on steroids. The added capabilities are nice, but my favorites are Bean’s full-screen mode (default white text on blue screen, but user editable) and the font size slider for quick adjustment of on-screen rendering of text.

Set Bean as the default editor for .rtf, .rtfd, and .txt files and you can access WriteRoom-like capabilities from EagleFiler for free.

Good tip. To set the default editor, select a file of that type in the Finder and choose Get Info. Choose the application from the “Open with” pop-up menu, then click the “Change All…” button.

In a similar vein, you may want to set your default PDF viewer/editor to Skim.