Extension and Apple Rules?

IN reading the documentation, I see the following:

  1. Click on the Rules tab of Mail’s Settings window and make sure that the list shows no rules for processing spam/junk messages. If you find any, disable them (by unchecking them) or delete them. This includes rules whose names begin with SpamSieve, e.g. if you were previously using the SpamSieve plug-in. These should be deleted, unless you are still using the SpamSieve plug-in on another Mac that shares the same iCloud account; in that case, just uncheck them. If you had created rules to run SpamSieve AppleScripts, you can keep them.

This implies to me that apple mail client will first run rules THEN SpamSIeve extension is executed, is that correct ? Or do extensions execute first ?

There are some emails from some senders, I want to move to the trash folder, and bypass the junk folder.
If I shouldn’t use apple mail rules, then how can I have SpamSieve do that ? on an individual sender basis ?

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Yes, that is correct.

You can create rules in Apple Mail that get rid of certain messages (i.e. move them out of the inbox) so that they bypass the SpamSieve Mail extension. I generally do not recommend this because it’s easy to accidentally create a rule that deletes good messages, and then SpamSieve can’t protect you from that. But it can work if you are careful.

Another way to do this is to create a SpamSieve blocklist rule (or it will do this automatically for the sender when you train a message as spam) and then use the Move it to the Trash if the spam score is at least setting so that SpamSieve moves the blocklisted messages to Trash instead of to Junk.

I appreciate your quick response perhaps you can consider adding specific move rules on individual sender? Because I’m not sure the score suggestion will give me 100% compliance. I will play with apple rule creation because as I said for some senders I don’t want to even see their spam in junk.

If the message matches a blocklist rule, the score will be 99 (unless the message matches your allowlist or Contacts).