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External editor in 1.4.11 finding all when no search string entered

Hi there!

I’ve been happily using EagleFiler for a couple months, using MacVim (don’t worry, that isn’t on the test) as my external editor (and using almost exclusively plain text files, and I have “Allow Editing in Record Viewer” unchecked, so everything goes to MacVim).

If I enter something in EagleFiler’s search box, and double-click on the name of one of the files that EagleFiler finds, the file opens up in MacVim, and, since I have MacVim set to highlight search matches, all copies of the matching text get highlighted, and MacVim positions to the first match. So far, so good, and this has worked fine all along.

However, with 1.4.11, if I double-click a file in EagleFiler’s file list, without having entered anything in EagleFiler’s search box, it seems as though EagleFiler passes an empty search string to MacVim (vs. not passing a search string at all), with the result that MacVim highlights every character in the file.

I can’t swear it wasn’t doing this before, but I think this behavior changed with 1.4.11 (or perhaps 1.4.10? I didn’t run 1.4.10 very long before the 1.4.11 showed up). Can we get the previous behavior back? Thanks!

Yes, this changed in 1.4.10. I’ll try to revert it for the next version.

Ah, thanks. So I’m not going crazy after all :slight_smile:

This is fixed in EagleFiler 1.4.12.