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Extra Folders in MacMail 4.3 using IMAP

Hello, I’m on OSX 10.6.4 and recently migrated to another webhost, switching all my POP emails to IMAP. I created all new accounts and trashed the old POP versions.

Everything seems to be working except for each and every new IMAP account I’ve added there is a now a new grey heading under the “ON MY MAC” section with the name of each account in grey caps.

Clicking the grey arrow next to each heading shows drop down menus: Sent, Spam and Trash. Some accounts only show Spam. It seems now that some spam goes into these new spam folders, while other spam is sorted into the MacMail Junk folder.

I would like to eliminate these new headings/folders and have all these new accounts use the default MacMail Sent, Trash, Junk, Drafts and Inbox. (Inbox works normally already)


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I think what you’re describing is normal in that each IMAP account has its own separate mailboxes. You can click on a mailbox and choose “Mailbox > Use This Mailbox For > …” in order to tell Mail which mailboxes are the special Sent and Trash mailboxes.

The spams that SpamSieve catches should all go to the same Spam mailbox under On My Mac if you’ve followed the normal setup instructions.

Thank you Michael.
I did reinstall SpamSieve, updated my settings (I had MacMail’s junk mail filtering on by mistake) and now have a “Junk” folder under “ON MY MAC”

However, I still have the grey, all CAPS email account names and subfolders appearing under the ON MY MAC section… I would like to remove these if possible.

Is this done using the “use this mailbox for…” trick? If so, which mailboxes do I click on?

in the mailbox menu all the options after "use this mailbox for… " are greyed out.

I don’t think that’s possible; Mail always shows all the enabled accounts.

For example, click on Sent and then tell it to use that mailbox for Sent.

that’s strange - they grey CAPPED mailboxes were never there when all my accounts were POP, only arrived when I switched to POP.

Also, it seems that spam (some not all) is landing in the spam folders - could this be a result of spam filtering on the server side?

Regarding use this mailbox for… click on the “trash” folder under the greyed out account under ON MY MAC or under MAILBOXES?


Right, because only IMAP accounts have mailboxes stored on the server.


Neither. “Use This Mailbox For” is meant to be used on a IMAP mailbox under an all-caps account name.

Thank you, I guess all is working as it’s supposed to after all.
Unless you suggest turing off server side spam filtering?
Thanks again.

Yes, I recommend turning off server-side spam filtering if possible. SpamSieve is generally more accurate, and then you wouldn’t have messages spread among multiple Spam mailboxes.