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Extra languages in license file

Is there any way to add more languages to the license list?

I need to be able to offer Russian and Portuguese which are not on the list.

Sorry, there is not.

I can look into adding Russian in a future version. Brazilian Portuguese is available, but when I experimented with Portuguese it made the OS hang, so I don’t think it will be possible to support that.

Interesting that it hung the OS.

Thanks for replying.

I can get normal Portuguese working (under 10.5) by doing the dmg license hack manually but Russian is the only one I can’t get working.

That was the reason I was wanting to use DropDMG.

Which hack are you referring to?

Well not a hack but just specifying the code for portuguese in the LPic and providing the STR# and TEXT resources for it.

Which code are you using? For me, the hang (when mounting the disk image) occurred when using verPortugal (10). I think it might have been OK with certain combinations of languages, so perhaps that’s why you didn’t encounter the problem.

Yeah that’s the same code as I used.

I only had English, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

If I add Russian, when I try to open the DMG it looks like it is going to open and then nothing happens, which may be the same thing as your hanging appearance.

Yes, that’s what happens for me.

DropDMG 3.1 adds support for license agreements in Arabic, Greek, Russian, and Ukrainian.