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F1 captures web page text (highlighted with blocking) but not image

My preference is set to Rich Text + Images
If I highlight text and image on a webpage, F1 imports text but not images.

When you import a Web page using the capture key, EagleFiler imports the whole page, not just the selection. To import just the selection, use drag and drop or the service.

That said, importing the whole page should include the images, unless they are blocked by a login or stylesheet. Which URL are you trying to import?

If I drag and drop the selection, it all comes over as an image, which cannot be edited. However, if I push F1, I get editable, format-able text (the “Rich Text” I want), but the image is missing. Being able to edit lets me do things like show the web URL, date and source that are nice if I print out the selection as a PDF for sharing.

Which URL are you trying to import, and from which browser?