F1 key not capturing email and other strange results

Stumped and would appreciate suggestions. I have listed below each step that I have done on my end so that Michael or others can follow :slight_smile:

I have multiple email accounts that I want to archive via EF and remove from the associated servers.

I have created a new library for testing purposes. The EF window for that library folder is open.

I started with the easiest email account for testing purposes - it should be very rapid I am assuming (it’s new and only has 8 emails in the inbox and 2 Sent messages). There are no draft messages, no junk mail and the delete folder is empty.

I have Mail opened (using Sonoma 14.3.1 (23D60)), Spam Sieve is running also, and within the Mail app I scroll past Favorites on the left side of the screen (in Mail still) until I reach the email account I want to test, listed under On My Mac.

I click with my mouse on the email account, but it stays grey (it doesn’t seem like I can select it). For what it’s worth, I can select the mailbox if I try in the Favorites section of the Mail menu on the left side of the Mail app - I still get the same results though - I press F1 after selecting the account - nothing happens. So, trying to import by mailbox doesn’t seem to work?

I can select all 8 messages that appear in the inbox with Ctrl-A and then try F1 - nothing happens.

If I click on a single message in the Inbox and click the F1 key, nothing happens also. If I click on option-F1, strangely, the system settings window for Displays appears. I guess that this key combination is being used by the system?

If I drag any message of the 8 available into the EF window, the message successfully appears/is copied in the Record list.

To continue testing, I delete the test message (and I empty the trash).

If I select all 8 messages (ctrl-A) and drag them into the EF window, I see an icon on the mouse cursor with 8 messages appearing in EF but after dragging over all 8 only 1 message appears (and it’s always the same one, dated February 27). EF gives me a message that it has successfully imported, but it’s only one email that appears. The other 7 messages don’t appear.

I can individually drag each message from Mail to the EF window though - I dragged all 8 into EF and they all appeared and seem complete.

Just in case, I tested using the Favorites portion of the Mail menu to select and get exactly the same results.

I am using a Logitech MX Keys S keyboard with my Mac Pro 7,1. I thought that it might be the keyboard not working correctly with the F1 key but after reconnecting the Magic Keyboard that came with the Mac Pro, I get the same results, including that Option-F1key combo calling up the display menu in Settings.

Right now, I can’t proceed forward. One of the email accounts that I want to archive has 33K messages in it so I don’t see myself dragging in each of those messages into the EF window, haha.

Any ideas or advice, things to try etc. much appreciated! I hope the explanation of what is happening is helpful and appreciate your patience if you have read this.

Thank you.

E-mail accounts—the bold, gray text with no icon in the sidebar in Mail—are not selectable. What you can select are mailboxes, which have folder or other special icons. Are you trying to select the inbox?

It sounds like your keyboard is configured in System Settings such that you need to press fn-F1 to send the F1 signal. Or you could choose a different key combination in EagleFiler’s settings that does not require fn.

Mail’s drag and drop doesn’t work well with multiple messages, which is why we recommend using the capture key.

Thank you for your reply - this did help.
My comments/replies in red below, Stu.

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