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False indication of spam in Spam folder in Mail

I moved up to Leopard as soon as it was available–and I’ve installed the recent 10.5.1 version. I am running SpamSieve 2.6.5. I have noticed over the last day (since I moved up to 10.5.1) that within Mail one or more apparent messages appear to be delivered to the Spam folder. As soon as I click on the folder the number indicating the one or more messages disappears–and there is nothing in the Spam folder. And nothing new appears in the Trash either.

Is anyone else seeing this? I am wondering whether Mail is accidently putting up the indicator of Spam although there is none—or much more worrisome, SpamSieve and Mail under 10.5.1 are misfiring such that as soon as I click on the Spam folder (where SpamSieve has delivered the spam) whatever was inside is simply deleted and I never see it. This would be troubling of course in the case of email that was detected as spam but was actually good and something I wanted to see.

I suspect this is just a display glitch in Mail. There shouldn’t be any conflict with SpamSieve, since it’s Mail (via the rule that you setup) that actually moves the messages into the Spam mailbox. However, if you want to be sure that you aren’t missing any messages, you could check SpamSieve’s log to see which messages it examined.

There IS some sort of glitch. My home computer, a new iMac, was set up a few months ago to be a near-duplicate of my office machine. It has also been upgraded to 10.5.1 and newest SpamSieve. However, at home the spam IS showing up in the Spam folder. I will compare settings at home and at work to see if something inadvertently was changed. (Or perhaps all I have to do at work is reboot.) In any case you are right that SpamSieve is not involved in the bizarre behavior.

Based on your e-mail, it seems the problem was due to two different Macs accessing the account at once, and one moving/deleting the messages out from under the other.