False negatives on common theme

Puzzling issue here, started maybe 3 weeks ago. A regular stream of spam emails to my gmail account, obviously from same source, all just a few lines with secure PDF attachment, all addressed to “Viola”.

More to the point these ones seem to be getting the better of SpamSieve fairly consistently, even though I’ve trained all of them as spam. I am getting a few of them in the junk mailbox; but a lot still slipping through into inbox. That’s unusual in my years of SS use.

Would it help if I send a log and/or a copy of one of the messages?

Yes, please send a diagnostic report and the recent false negative files (via e-mail, not to the forum).

Thanks for sending the report. It looks to me like it is learning these now. Unfortunately, there were previously trained good messages that had “Viola” in both the subject and body, as with these spams. Please let me know if these continue to be a problem.

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OK, that all makes sense. Thanks Michael. We shall see …