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False Negatives


Every now and then I get an email that continually goes to spam even though it is in the white list and my address book. What could be causing this?


Such an e-mail is called a false positive, not a false negative. You can use SpamSieve’s Open Log command to whether or not it predicted the messages to be spam (and, if so, why). Since you said the address is your address book, it sounds like either:

[li]You’ve http://c-command.com/spamsieve/manual-ah/filters[/u]"]turned off the address book and whitelist; or
[/li][li]The messages are going to the Spam mailbox because of another piece of software (not SpamSieve).

First, make sure that Use SpamSieve whitelist and Use Mac OS X Address Book are checked.

Second, make sure you have no rules other than SpamSieve in your mail program that move messages to the Spam mailbox.

Third, check the configuration of your mail server’s junk mail filter.

Well, I’ve checked everything that you suggested and everything seems to be in order. I even have Mail.app junk filter turned off. I’ve reinstalled SpamSieve as well. What other app or process could be causing this selective behavior?

Did SpamSieve’s log say that it had predicted the messages to be spam?

Are the messages going to a mailbox “On My Mac” or on the server?

No, the log indicates saved to whitelist.

When I “train as good” it goes to my iCloud Inbox before being sent to spam.

Are you accessing this mail account from multiple computers or devices? If the message is being moved again after you train it as good, that likely indicates that another Mac is filtering it. Or, I suppose it could be due to a filter on your mail server. What’s the name of the spam mailbox that the message goes to?