False Positive problem with newsletters

SpamSieve is flagging messages in my Gmail account as spam which are definitely not spam. It’s three specific senders - newsletters that I subscribe to. I have double-checked the Mail settings, and the senders are in my contacts and NOT on the Blocklist, yet every time they come in they end up in the JUNK folder colored by the SpamSieve rule. I checked the log and the SpamSieve log says “Predicted: Good (0)”

Any ideas?

The newsletters are:

  • Ben’s Bites
  • The Hustle
  • Loto-Québec

This means that SpamSieve thought they were good because the sender was in your Contacts. So SpamSieve did not move them to Junk, and they are not false positives. Most likely they were moved to Junk by a server junk filter or another device.