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Feature request: 5-star rating

Just found EagleFiler and it’s great! Love the rich metadata support. As I’m moving more and more content into EagleFiler, I realize I’d like to be able to discern the really excellent content from the average stuff. Would it be easy to implement a 5-star rating system? Would such star metadata be useful to others?



Personally, I do this using the “flagged” tag, but you can also setup more tags for different numbers of stars.

I see this is an old request, but I’d love to see this as well as in option in the area with the columns (Name, From, Modified, etc.).

The main reason this would be nice is that I could sort my files in ascending/ descending order within a folder. I don’t think tags would allow you that same functionality.


  • hoju

Thanks for the suggestion. I agree that it would be useful to have a column for sorting by rating.