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feature request: ability to toggle specific tag auto folders

I’d like to request the ability to toggle on or off the automatically created tag folders in the lefthand column of EF.

I have a ton of tags and a lot of them, while useful, don’t warrant their own auto generated tag folder and the resulting long list gets cluttered.

Maybe it could be implemented as an additional toggle column in the tags floating window.


Have you tried reducing clutter by arranging your tags into groups and collapsing some of the groups?

I hadn’t, but am now and it definitely helps. Thanks!

This sub-folder/tag organizing is helping, but my “work” tag with all its subtags is waaaay down in the list and it’s the most heavily utilized (unfortunately), so I’m still scrolling more than I’d like. The option to manually organize the tag-auto-folder tree may help? Not sure if that would only serve to confuse the interface more or not. Also not sure I want to rename my “work” tag “a_work” to move it to the top of my tag tree.

Manual ordering is something I’m considering. You might prefer “@work” to “a_work”. Or you could use a separate “@” or “-” container at the top and put “work” in it.

Cool. I can work with one of those suggestions. Thanks!