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Feature Request: absolute black list

After using SpamSieve extensively for more than a year, I find myself doing the same thing once a day: scanning through a spam folder with 300 or more messages. I sort them alphabetically, since there are any duplicate from the same originator. Out of 300 there might be one or two that are false positives.

What would help is the ability to assign an incoming email address to an absolute black list that is filed in another folder or Trash directly. These addresses do not require daily review. It would cut down these annoying 2-3 minutes to 30 seconds.

Please see this page. Example 1 shows how to move blocklisted messages (which includes messages from senders that you’ve trained as spam) directly to the trash.

I’ve tried that, but it’s not really working. I am looking for a second “trash list” that is reliable.

Guess, I need to look more at scoring. Not sure, how the rules you have work. I always thought that the rule titles would not have programmatic impact.

I’m not aware of any bugs with this feature. Please explain what, specifically, isn’t working.

Are the messages not matching the blocklist? You can see this using the Open Log command.

Are the messages blocklisted and colored blue but not moving where you want? If so, please explain where the messages are going and which rules you have set up.

In the case of SpamSieve rules, the name of the rule is part of what determines whether the rule matches the messages.

Question about Filing By Color/Score
Perusing the forum suggests this page as the solution to my desire to send absolute SPAM and/or blocked senders directly to the Trash thus saving daily review of the same repeat offenders.

What is not clear is, one, which, if any existing rules to disable; and, two, is this set of three new rules going to handle all mail accounts, or do i have to create three new rules for each of ten managed accounts in Mail? In what order/position do these new rules go? Top? Bottom? Before each account? Instead of each account?

Setting up Mail for ten accounts to use their own Spam/TrainSpam/TrainGood folders on server was pretty tedious already.

SpamSieve is welcomingly accurate these days, having recently returned to trying it again after many years of letting it percolate; however, there sure is still a lot of geek-level management and user-tasks needed. It’s still pretty impossible to recommend to novice and even proficient users due to the amount of fiddly, precise, user-required setup and installation. It remains far less a ‘Plug-In’ and more just a really well written set of scripts a user has to install and maintain. Installing this for multiple users, especially with multiple accounts in need of Drone setup is a serious, serious undertaking.

Yes, as the page says, you should create the score/color rules instead of the regular “SpamSieve” rule.

The three rules can handle all the accounts. All the spam messages will go to the Spam mailbox that you choose in the “SpamSieve [Spam]” rule. If you want messages from different accounts to go to different places you would need multiple sets of rules, with the account in place of “Every Message.”

I normally recommend at the top, just like with the regular SpamSieve rule.

I’m not quite sure what you mean here. Accounts and rules are not in the same list, so they have no order with respect to one another.

To be clear, you can have 10 accounts with the drone setup using a single rule and set of folders. You only need the extra folders and rules if you want to have account-specific training folders.

The basic setup, which is what most people want, is just a single rule with no scripts. It does get more complicated if you want a more customized setup, and I’m working on making that easier.