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Feature request: allow the deletion of missing files from the Errors window


I often throw away some files from outside EF. I like how it warns me that they are gone, but to get rid of the error I need to the following (as indicated in the help text at the bottom of the Errors window):

  • choose “Reveal in Library”
  • delete the file
  • select the next Missing file error
    and at the end I empty the trash.

Could there be a one button (or keyboard shortcut) that would basically do this for me (i.e., tell EF that the file is no longer supposed to be there)?



Nice addition, I agree. But if you need it often, maybe you’re not using EF in the best way possible?

I would not need it this often if I could specify a regular expression of file names to never automatically import. These are typically draft text files that have a short live (but which I don’t want to keep separate from reference text files).

A regex is a possibility for a future version. If you’re importing via Scan for New Files, you can use the UnscannedExtensions default.

Another option would be to create a smart folder that matches the filenames by regex, and then you could bulk-delete the unwanted files.

EagleFiler 1.5.7 adds support for the ImportSkipFilenamePattern default, which you can use to specify a regex of filenames to ignore. For example, this will ignore files whose names end with .aux or .toc:

defaults write com.c-command.EagleFiler ImportSkipFilenamePattern .*\.(aux|toc)$