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Feature request - Append to RTF

Hi again.

So far so good with EF over DEVONthink, but I do have a quibble… Sometimes I like to clip from a web article that spans over several pages (and the website, annoyingly, does not have a functioning “print on one page” feature). With DT, I was able to create an RTF file from the first page, then use a keyboard command to append to that same file for each subsequent page. It’s just called Append to RTF. With EF, I needed to capture the RTF on page 1, then copy and paste for each page. A minor annoyance, but it’s a feature I’ve enjoyed with DT.

Thanks for listening. :slight_smile:

  • Robin

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m not sure that having an Append command is the route I want to take, but I do intend to provide a way to handle this type of situation.

Yes, at this point you are probably tired of my suggestions. :slight_smile: Seriously, as long as you understand the scenario and have an idea of how to solve the problem, that’s all I can ask.


append to RTF
I endorse both comments. I find myself needing to do this fairly often. And, I’m not sure what the elegant solution is. Usually I want to skip a lot of ads and redundant material, for example. (I really appreciate the “convert for editing” command - extremely useful in these situations.)

One wrinkle: When I create a new RTF file to paste into, it seems awkward to convert into an RTFD (ie with pictures). I guess I will learn to use “Create document from copy buffer” command as the first page, which will fix this.

I don’t understand. If you have an RTF file, EagleFiler should let you paste in pictures. If you change the file in such a way that it cannot be saved as RTF, EagleFiler will automatically change it to RTFD.

My situation right now: I’m collecting travel information about a city in Italy from several websites, often only snippets. I don’t want to create a new file for each snippet but collect all of them in one file. Therefore a something like “Append to existing / selected file” in the service menue (or via shortcut) would be cool