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Feature request: apply Title to Filename

One great feature of EF is that it uses the file system as storage space. Unfortunately many files do not have a significant file name so I’m used to changing the Title of a record to something more meaningful. I would like the option to propagate this change to the file name (i.e. renaming the file to the title, preserving the file extension) to make a Finder based access to my files more convenient. To do so, I see two complementary ways:

  • a “Record” (and context click) menu entry to do so
  • an option to always rename the file name when the title is changed

This would require testing whether the renaming would not conflict with an existing file, and I guess if it does one would have the option to cancel the renaming or to make the title different from the file name.

If you want the title and filename to stay in sync, make the title blank. EagleFiler will then keep it in sync with the filename, so that editing the filename changes both.

Editing the filename would work in this case, I guess. I’ve been experimenting with this and it seems to work.

Is there a simple way to transfer existing titles to filenames (except by using the inspector window for a bunch of files)?

And is the default title blank?

Thanks a lot.

You could try an AppleScript like this:

tell application "EagleFiler"
    set theRecords to selected records of browser window 1
    repeat with theRecord in theRecords
        set theTitle to theRecord's title
        set theRecord's filename to theTitle
        set theRecord's title to ""
    end repeat
end tell

The default title is based on the contents of the file (the title of a Web archive, PDF, etc.) or is blank if no title is specified within the file.

Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll play with this.