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Feature request / clarification - detecting new files

First post. Let me say first that EF is a great product! I’ve been comparing it to several other apps such as SOHO, Yojimbo, Mori, and DevonThink, and so far it’s the best of the bunch as far as meeting my needs.

One thing I love is the fact that it uses a Finder-native form of organizing files rather than a database. This open-ness is great on its own, but I was kind of hoping it would enable me a bit more flexibility with working with files in the Finder. I’ve read up on the verification & checksum features, but what I’d really like for EagleFiler to be able to do is to automatically recognize when a new file has been added to a folder and index it accordingly.

For example, whenever I have a software registration, I will save a copy of the registration (sometimes an email, sometimes a web page, etc) into a folder. Now, I’ve indexed that existing folder of files with EF, but what happens when I add a new one? Ideally, I’d like to be able to use the same method, and save it in the newly created EF index folder (possibly aliased elsewhere) and have it automatically added into the catalog/index without having to import it. I know there’s the drop zone thing, and the ability to drag stuff into EF, but I don’t want to have EF running all the time.

Is there any way of accomplishing this with EF as it exists? (that is, have I missed how to do this?)
Or is this something that could be added as an option in future releases? (such as a preference to recognize new files automatically)?


Eventually I hope to make it possible to save into a particular folder in the library, however for now: each library as a To Import folder next to the .eflibrary file. You can save a file into that folder (even when EagleFiler isn’t open), and it will automatically add the file to the library. I like to add the To Import folder to the Finder favorites so that it’s easily accessible from Save panels.