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Feature Request: Default library for "Save PDF to EagleFiler".

So, I don’t usually have the EagleFiler app up and running (yes, I know… bad user. Bad!). That said, I often use the “Save PDF to EagleFiler” option within the standard Print dialog of whatever app I might be using. Doing so launches EagleFiler, and stuffs the pdf into whatever library was active the last time I quit. Grrr.

Is there a way to force EagleFiler to use a specific and/or default library when importing a PDF in this way? If not, that would be my feature request.

Okay… one other nit.

It would also be nice if, when EagleFiler is launched as a service call from Print, it opened as minimized/hidden. I really didn’t want it launched to begin with. I just wanted to stuff a PDF into a library and go on with what I was doing.

Thanks for your consideration.

You could make your own PDF service, which always imports into a particular library, as described here.

I don’t think the system tells EagleFiler that it’s launching it because of the PDF service. One possible option would be to make your own service (as above), but instead of telling it to import into EagleFiler, just have it move the generated PDF file into the library’s “To Import” folder. Then EagleFiler wouldn’t launch then, but it would notice and import the file when you do launch it.