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Feature Request: Display search results for PDF annotations in preview pane

Hi Michael,

Aside from Acrobat, EagleFiler is the only other app that indexes annotations within PDFs. For me, this feature alone is a major draw for EF. What would make EF perfect is the ability to show these search results within the document in the preview window. For the moment, I would search for the term in EF to pin-point the document. I would then open the document in Acrobat to perform the search again. I don’t have a problem with having to take the extra step except that I don’t use Acrobat to annotate (use Preview) and Acrobat is extremely slow on my system for some reason.

This would be a killer feature for EF in my eyes.


Thanks for the suggestion. I will look into that. Meanwhile, if you make your annotations using Skim, the current version of EagleFiler will display them.