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Feature Request: Dock Icon Number of Unread Spam Messages

Currently, the Dock icon of SpamSieve shows the number of good messages. The Dock icon of Apple Mail shows exactly the same thing. The SpamSieve count can be turned off in the Notification tab of SpamSieve Preferences, and the Apple Mail count can be adjusted in its Preferences.

My suggestion is to add an option for the SpamSieve Dock icon to show the count of unread messages in the Spam folder, as a user-selected alternative to the count go good messages.

Thanks for the suggestion. Could you explain a bit about how that would be useful to you? Most people seem to not want to be notified for new spam messages; they want to ignore the spam as much as possible.

Also, Mail’s “Dock unread count” is configurable, so you could use a smart mailbox to have it display the number of unread spams if desired.

I’m a relatively new user of SpamSieve, and still reviewing my Spam folder for possible good messages. I’m getting 150-200 Spam messages every weekday. I review the unread Spam once, at which time they automatically get marked “Read”. A few days later, I delete them.

My request is basically for more options regarding the meaning of the Dock icon notification count bubble.

Have you tried my suggestion of configuring Mail’s Dock icon to show the desired information?