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Feature Request: Dynamic Passphrase

We use InnoSetup for packaging up our Windows apps. It has the ability to use a scripting language that can be used to decrypt a product serial. The serial# contains encrypted info like subscription end date, product and version. The customer inputs the serial# and the script decrypts and checks if it is valid before the software can be installed. It would be great if DropDMG could support something like that so we can offer those apps to our macOS customers.

Thanks for the suggestion. This is probably not something I would add to DropDMG, as Mac apps typically use a different flow of letting anyone install the app via drag-and-drop. Then the app itself asks at first launch for the information necessary for activation.

With a normal desktop app, that works. Unfortunately, what I need this for is a PHP app.

OK, it sounds like you need a more custom solution, then. Maybe there’s a cross-platform installer builder? Or perhaps there’s a way to do what you want using Apple’s pkgbuild (which can be customized using scripts).